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Effects of I.T. on Society, Tech News, Reviews

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I.T Network & Design

Multiple device support, for mobile, tablet or desktop displays, that are automatically adjusted to.

System & Hardware

Template specific styling for several extensions such as RokSprocket and K2.

What's New

Effects of I.T. on Society, Tech News, Reviews
  • Wire vs Wireless

    Wire vs Wireless

    Wire vs Wireless Discussions - which is more efficient, safer and more secure. Which Industries need either options more... Read More
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    Bitcoin vs Credit

    Bitcoin is the currency of the new financial frontier - this generation is learning to have better more efficient financial options. Fast, Efficient, Technologically Advanced.. Read More
  • My Smartphone

    My Smartphone

    Everything is personal now .. all in the palm of your hand - awesome personal power, for music, movies, files, work, business and more! Read More
  • Gaming and Design

    Gaming and Design

    PC gaming and more .. some argue that you simply can't have a pro gaming experience with out a pro Gaming PC, others love consoles like Xbox, Playstation and others Read More
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Price of Bitcoin

03 Jan 2017

User Rating: 5 / 5

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1 Bitcoin equals - 1367.05 Canadian Dollar well this is pretty cool it hasent been like this in a few years looks like its back at the level that we were mining at back in 2012. Very nice to see the strong coin right now.

Blocks mined: 171

Blocks total: 446,459

Minutes between blocks: 7.69

Bitcoins mined: 2,137.50 BTC

Difficulty: 317,688,400,354.00

No. of transactions: 292,608 tx

Hash rate: 2,700,496,302.81 GH/s

Trade volume: 48,761.85 BTC

Total bitcoins sent: 1,802,547.63 BTC