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Effects of I.T. on Society, Tech News, Reviews

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What's New

Effects of I.T. on Society, Tech News, Reviews
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06 Feb 2017

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Well so far we have been discussing things in the real of Bitcoin and general technology. Today lets start looking at things like persoanl tech .. what do you mean persoanl tech ? lol well lets see your Smartphone, Bluetooth headset, Earbuds, SmartWatch / iWatch, Fitbit or others. I have seen quite a bit of tech and one of the things I find interesting about the industry is that they seem to watch to put a device on each and every part of our bodies. They simply want to make anything attached to the human body a potential market for business. 

So many users on the net today think they are well aware of the cyber world around them .. there is this ego that has seemed to come with the new generation of users as if they know things no one else knows .. its that ego that will be their undoing .. on the internet today there is a lot less access to resourceses as there once was .. things have moved into different spaces and are not in plain view any more. the common user still believes they are full capable to access anything they wish simply by clicking a few links and are magically labled a hacker. This is a mental mania trap created by media. 

On one side of the fence there are the users, on the other side there is the operators and accross the pond is the manipulators of critical data .. there is no reason for anyone who is knowledgable to interact with anyone on the user level, so there in lies the truth .. users are the test pons the operators stay in their corner and manipulators play them both 

does this seem cold or harsh to you? It might seem that way but I assure you its actualy far deeper .. than this .. world governments and corporations are always at each other to get an edge on each other, and as a result they try to hire who they think will give them the edge, consider for a moment .. if you are a manipulator and you are being hired to create an edge for someone... would you not create one for your self in the process .. its like a bad mechanic breaks something while they fix something to ensure more business.

Back in the day there was some famous P to P software to file transfer and communicate with others, this software was created by a good young programer who believed in the rights for all, he built a excellent piece of software while working for a corporation. The Company then started causing him some trouble and then demanded all the source code for the software .. the programmer decided no, he then encrypted the source code and then left the company. They then proceded to goto court over this and in the end .. the programmer did not release the code the company then went under. 

The programmer went on the create more software of the same variety .. but this time it had some encryption included and was not based around making money or design. it lasted a while and then the programmer shut down the project..

He moved on .. I this scenario you see someone who had the skill to build environments and manipulate but chose to be more of a cyber hero of sorts and stand his ground.

There are many of these un heard of examples on the Intranet, but never on the Internet, never mind other net locations...