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What's New

Effects of I.T. on Society, Tech News, Reviews
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P2P fun vs modern day business needs

06 Mar 2017

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So yesterdays P2P apps that connecvia Intranet are becoming common place in business now a days because they are simply easier to use, well anyone could have told you that .. after trying out these simple and light weight applications designed for chat, text, file upload and download, news and organization of users?

seriously I am still to thins day in disbelief how simple business people are .. they simply have no understanding of the world around them selves or the technology they use. I have seen advanced stock brokers with passwods like cat or 123 becasue they cant remmeber anything more complicated. So we are entrusting our finances to these people who cant think past 3 characters? I am sorry .. this is not right and surely any kid age 5 can remember passwords greater than 19 characters mixed in hexcadecimal form so why is it we are trusting the banking system in the first place?

I can hear your thought as I write this .. WTF may be the repsonse .. more often than not and well this is not for ratings or popularity so inept just get down to the facts here. Banks are worth trillions of dollars in some cases and with inept senior ctiizens in charge of our fiannces. I feel we are being fleeced in a large fashion by the banking system. I guess that is why things like like Bitcoin has been born into decentralized socoety and deemed private money by the germans. 

Now in the middle of all this simple little 1-2 meg p2p apps are runny the country side, built for kids now a staple of business society, does this make any sense to you or is this really what were all about? Simple minded beings that degrade over time no matter how far we have come.

I'll let you decide that one for your self, but kids play matters whether or not your a kind.


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