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What's New

Effects of I.T. on Society, Tech News, Reviews
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Radio .. whats that

06 Mar 2017

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So we have come a long way in technology and many of the things that were common place are being replaced by a version of tech in one way or another. Radio is one of the things that still exists in one form or another. It may be in a actual radio in your car/truck or home but it also has been transformed into streaming services from various places, like satelite and home media servers, to mp3 players which function the same way essentially.

Out of the ages comes music in the air waves, we have a need and want for music and that may never change in one form or another but how its delivered may change over time still with more and more capacity becoming available to people with smaler and smaller devices. iPod, mp3 players, iPhones, Android devices, tablets and more portable media delivery devices is giving the common consumer plenty of place to store their much loved music.

Also transforming is with pictures and video, from the once simple radio over the airwaves in your car on a sunny day while you sit back on the hood of your car with and ice tea. Dont let that image go .. its still possible just delivered in a differernt form. The radio is still one of the worlds greatest methods of communication spanning centurys on and on throug the ages in a variety of languages and country's around the world. Some phones actually still have radio capability on smart phones, some radio apps have been created and implemented into smartphones now.

Radio lives on!