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Effects of I.T. on Society, Tech News, Reviews

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Multiple device support, for mobile, tablet or desktop displays, that are automatically adjusted to.

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Template specific styling for several extensions such as RokSprocket and K2.

What's New

Effects of I.T. on Society, Tech News, Reviews
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Bitcoin Roars back into Mainstream

06 Mar 2017

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So I started my interest in the Bitocin Internet currency back in the 2012 time period mining and trading bitcoins and alt coins as well. It took some down turns over time as far down as 450$ in value but now some how its stronger than ever at a roaring $1735 per share CAD which is higher than it was when I started mining it was 1400 a share back then, and we thought that was insanely great. I am pretty excited these days on the Bitcoin price climb, predicting 3000 a share in the near future most likely summer we are thinking . 

As previously mentioned there is a huge complexity for the mining aspect of the industry and most people smply can not afford the machines or the electricty costs associated with Bitcoin mining. While some are still doing it in cold places where the machines can be kept from over heating and the power costs are free or cheap. The world is simply trading Bitcoin like a currency these days and in abundance we see.

Its a great victory for the world currency markets that bitcoin is strong and free, while it could cost a person sending 1,000,000 to a business or person around the world 10,000 and time delay of 2-4 weeks. Bitcoing can achieve this in seconds and verify in an hour and only costing the user .06 cents if that! So tell me again why the banking system still exists? or should we all starting looking elsewhere for better ways to use our finances. There are plenty of examples and new articles praising the efficiency of Bitcoin, and even more of shopping banazas completed with bitcoin, buying anything from shoes to handbags and computers or even cars, houses. Yes you heard right, your cable to buy virtually anything with Bitcoin, look into it!


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