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Effects of I.T. on Society, Tech News, Reviews

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What's New

Effects of I.T. on Society, Tech News, Reviews
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What would we do with out the Internet?

22 Mar 2017

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What would we do with out the Internet?

Here we have a funny broad question and with a deep breath here we will have an answer. What did people do before the Internet became main stream? Before the Internet people used to interact and talk, and have creative conversations. There was more sports, more art, more music, more outdoor events and people were simply more into life.
TV was still a big thing and radio, but people used to talk a lot more than they do now on phones and in person. Some cultures developed different ways of talking with their hands and body movements to accent their points. 
Then the Internet come to the main stream, we started focusing on this little screen and looking at words. We were told the words meant things and that we could talk to another person half way around the world using words. We then started to learn and new kind of communication with words and special characters on a screen, but that really was no different from typing a letter and expecting the response instantly. 
We really did not have anything to care about, even though we were told this screen was attached to a box and it was remotely connected to another box somewhere else in the world. IT took years before the Internet would evolve into something that would include pictures and moving things to the point where we have actual sound and movies and even 3D artificial reality type examples and environments. 
A.I. was being developed before our eyes and over time it seems we have been modelling the way out artificial personalities were going to become. Over time we became so intertwined into this box and screen hat we stopped talking to other people and then started forgetting what it means to have a real conversation. Does this sound weird? Lol (laugh out loud) became a Internet lingo term that drove conversations, how strange is that. So Evolution of the Internet to Social Media to Augmented reality and more has disconnected our cultures and re assimilated them into machines. Where does that take us now? More or less in the same place but were becoming more creative about what this A.I. is to become over time and how we will express our selves