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About Us

1Hi, I'm James - I'm a Web Developer and System Administrator. I've been in the Internet space building web pages since roughly 1995. Have you ever heard of Geocities .. ? I am guessing probably not .. but if you have then you would know it was a great place to make your own webpage and chat with awesome people back when. I learned about web dev from hanging out there .. then I went to school hehe

I have been in many different kind of projects over the years .. like search engines, portals, environments, classified ads, auctions, smartphones and more

I was involved in a pretty nice Bitcoin Network and Portal project for a few years as well, it was called BTC Addict. I used to min Bitcoins on Slush's Pool, Ghash, Eligius.

Part of the project was to build a bitcoin network.. I started small like most of us with Butterfly labs miners .. then I got into Tera miners from Cointera .. also spent time in the Alt coin space with some custom PC machines. We used AMD Graphic cards such as AMD 7990, 290X. Beacuse the machines would tend to get hot we had to employ under volting techniques to keep the machines cooling plus fans and more. you can read about that on

I am an artist as well and have Graphic Design experience - I have been working with Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver and other tools quite a while. I actually got to use the early versions of photoshop back with it was owned by ILM Industrial Light and Magic. Its always been a great platform for graphic design, but really has become more complicated these days compared to what it used to be. you can preview some of my work on

I guess my main motivation is to help others and provide services, environments for people with out having them jump through hoops ..

My background is...


PHP, PERL- CGI, DHTML, Ajax, XML, My SQLi, Basic Java Applets, JavaScript, Https, Graphic User Interface Design
and more ..


BlackBerry - all versions, Apple iPhones - all version, Samsung Galaxy - all versions, Most Android devices and more..

I.T. / Systems, System Administration:

Mac - All versions, Windows - most version , Linux - Fedora Core, Ubuntu, Debian

- Networking

- Wireless

- Bitcoin Network Building


my CV -

If you are consinering to build a project either in the I.T. or Web space and would like to talk to me
I am always available and can be contacted Via Web Form Here